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Delhi Visa & Consultancy Services, Delhi Visa for short, acts only as an expediting agent, and only Embassy/consular officials make the final determination when deciding how fast a visa will be issued and for what period of time (validity) visas can be issued. They’re out of our control and Delhi Visa is not responsible for any delays in your travel in such cases. Embassy/consulate officials also have the right to ask for additional documentation in order to issue a passport or visa.

Delhi Visa accepts no responsibility for the services of the Passport Agency or Embassy/Consulate in connection with the granting of passports or visas, nor for any delays, loss of passports or other materials occasioned by such services or by any delivery services by Indian Postal Services or courier companies. Damage compensation is not available.

You’re required to prepay for all services. All consular/government fees are non-refundable once service processing has begun. In the case where a visa or passport application has been canceled or rejected, the service fee will be non refundable. In case mistake is made on our part in dates/names, please notify us within 3 business days after receipt of your visa/passport for necessary corrections to be made. If your trip has been postponed or dates are changed, some consulates permit visa correction for a fee.